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Question For Substitute Teachers: How do you get students to respect you?

I've never gone to public school, and I've never had a substitute teacher, so I don't really have any experience in this area. This is part of why I'm curious. I'm also wondering because there's such a huge culture in social media of substitute teachers being abused by the students. Surely though, there have to be some successful substitute teachers. So, then, I'm wondering how you did it? How did you get the students to respect you within the short time you had to teach them?

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  • Snezzy
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    6 months ago

    Some subs "have it" and others don't. Here are some of the tricks:

    - Don't fall for the traps. "Trick the substitute" is a game many students play. Good subs catch it and shut it off.

    - Don't let the students tell you what the assignment is. Follow the lesson plan instead.

    - Have a reserve lesson plan ready for situations where the missing teacher didn't have one.

    - Know how to "read" people. Cops usually are good at this. Some subs can't do it.

    - Don't merely react. Be out ahead of everything and hold the students' interest.

    That's just part of it. Surely others will have much more to say.

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