Truck starter and engine fitment?

I have a 99 Sierra 4.3 vortec vin w. I need a engine and found a 2004 silverado 4.3 votec vin x and the flex plate and torque converter are the exact same part number and item. But my Sierra has a 11 tooth starter and the Silverado takes a 9 tooth starter. Is it compatible? I work for O'Reilly and tried comparing the parts. A mechanic told me it should be okay but I'm confused. Both trucks searched by vins have a 168 tooth flex plate and 14.15 diameter. And the torque converters are the same too. And both have exact firing order

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    12 months ago

    So the Sierra is going to have slightly more torque on the starter if the starter looks to be the same starter and the wheel inside the starter messes up with the flywheel it should work fine.

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