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How to travel without having to book a return flight? I just want to go on holiday for as long as I please and come back when I feel like it?

But they always try to make you have a fixed time to come back a return ticket and limit the number of visa extensions etc

I just want to go out to Malaysia, Thailand Australia and hang about for as long as I want in each one before moving on then eventually coming home.

Is that possible?


They wont let me leave the airport with a one way air ticket

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    Most countries will not allow you to enter unless you can prove that you have some means of exit - like a plane ticket. It does not have to be back to your starting airport, but it does need to be to somewhere in another country.

    You can get a second ticket that takes you to the next country, and you can get one that is changeable, so you can alter your departure date. Be aware that changeable tickets are a lot more expensive than non-refundable, non-changeable ones.

    DO NOT overstay the amount of time allowed on your visa. That might get you into some serious trouble.

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    Almost every country requires you to have an outbound ticket

    In the US many airlines will not let you board without proof you have a ticket out, it does not have to be a round trip

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    You can buy a full priced ticket. They allow you to change the dates. It's very expensive

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    Not really - tourist visas are restricted to time periods, and these countries want to be clear you're leaving when you should be!

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  • Anonymous
    12 months ago

    Yes, it is called a one way ticket.

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