Right big toe finger feels numb?

It has been like this for about two months, the day it started was like this:

I was having a dinner at home and as I was eating, suddenly I felt like something had bite me on the big right toe finger at the tip and a few seconds later it started to feel numb at the tip, I thought it could be a spider, cuz mostly small spiders are found in my home, then after a few days the numb feeling went away from the tip and it moved to the side of the right big toe finger, and it has been like this since then. Could a spider bite cause it to stay numb this long? Though I don't see any bite on my finger. Also the nail on this finger is discoloured for many years now.

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  • 5 months ago
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    Have you broke ankle ever? My mother has a bulging disc in her back and has broken her ankle many times that did not properly heal. She is now experiencing numbness and pain in top of feet and the doctor said it was calcium buildup. If you never broke your ankle or toes it could be a pinched nerve in your back.

    • Frank Smith5 months agoReport

      Nope, I have never broke an ankle, but my back has no pain, I feel normal.

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  • Eva
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    5 months ago

    What is a toe finger?

    • Frank Smith5 months agoReport

      There you go, that's what toe fingers are and I am talking about the bigger one. http://store.picbg.net/pubpic/97/4F/7a052493bbde974f.jpg

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