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Why am I so nervous to compete against a woman in martial arts?

We're both quite new but she has won all 5 of her matches so far, all against men, whereas I have won 2 and lost 1. I've accepted that I'm almost certainly going to lose, but i'll still do my best. But for some reason I can't stop feeling nervous.

It shouldn't be a big deal so how can I calm myself down and whyy even is this such a big deal to me.?

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    Bob is right. Your ego is getting in the way of your brain.

    You have some notion that BECAUSE you are a man you should somehow be superior.

    And that being beaten by a WOMAN would be a disaster.

    If you are into martial arts it isn't important if she is young or old. Male or female.

    Black or white or red or yellow.

    You should be approaching it just like every other fight. With exactly the same balance of confidence and uncertainty.

    Bob's advice is absolutely what you should do for any and every fight.

    So concentrate on what is important not on the trivial.

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  • Bob
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    6 months ago

    Do not see this as you competing against a woman. This is you competing against another fighter who you believe may be more skillful. When going up against a superior opponent, strategy is paramount. Study her technique and style and find her weaknesses, then exploit them. Those 5 men she beat may well have held back, thinking that she was a woman and you better believe she exploited that weakness of theirs. Do not make the same mistake.

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