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I hate the feeling when my crush talks to another girl?

I know we both aren't dating but theres this guy that I like and I feel like Hes starting to like me too. But theres this classmate which is a girl and also someone who I get along with, They haven't talked for a long time. But whenever He talks to another girl He seems more comfortable with her and asks her more things? But for me its just a small convo cause I'm kinda quiet lol. After that I kinda get mad. I know I have no right to but it still hurts... dang

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  • 6 months ago

    He isn't YOURS. You say "MY crush" as if you have some ownership rights.

    And you get hurt because he isn't doing what you want.

    Tough luck.

    Talk to him by all means. And see where it leads. But accept that he is free to search for his own friends, relationships and lovers.

    As are you.

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