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Your opinion is it better to cure anxiety with anti depressants and therapy or with only/just therapy? Are drugs bad nkay?


Are drugs like a last resort type thing or are they just not at all serious and yea its much better to take the edge off if you only do them for a short time?

Update 2:

I would be worried that it would/could permanently affect your brain chemistry

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    No, it's beeen well proven that many mental problems are caused by chemical imbalances in the brain and can be treated, and helped by taking certain medications, which make up for those very specfic chemical imbalances or shortfalls.

    The trick is Always finding the RIGHT medication, and one that doesn't OVER medicate you, and turn you into a zombie.

    The problem is........people can also be ALLERGIC to certain drugs, as my mother was...........and therefore could not take the one that was probably BEST for her issue.........and took too many of the WRONG ones, to compensate, which did not work as well, and came with their own nasty side effects.

    it's a Tricky business............but meds CAN help. But of course, they can also hurt, when abused or over prescribed. .....or not simply not taken as prescribed.

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