Puerto Rico: The Most Envied Spanish Group?

Mexicans envy Puerto Ricans due to immigration status. In fact, most Spanish-speaking immigrants NOT FROM PUERTO RICO envy Puerto Ricans. Puerto Ricans are American citizens whether they are born here or on the Island of Puerto Rico. It makes no difference.

Puerto Rico is property of the USA, a common wealth. What does that mean? It means that Puerto Ricans DO NOT NEED A GREEN CARD and/or become a NATURALIZED CITIZEN because they are LEGAL citizens of the United States. People from Mexico, Spain, Equador, Peru, Honduras, Dominican Republic, Cuba, etc envy Puerto Ricans because of immigration status.

In fact, when Jennifer Lopez accepted to play the role of Selena in the 1995 film SELENA, Mexicans were not happy to know that a Puerto Rican (she was in NYC) was

chosen to represent their precious Selena. This hatred and envy is not by coincidence. What do you say?

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  • Diana
    Lv 7
    5 months ago

    Puerto Rico was abandoned by Trump after a hurricane, which caused thousands to die from his neglect. They had no voice in the U.S. government, because they have no Congressional reps' to protect their interests. I don't envy their sad situation.

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