Why does it feel like water on my brain?

It's hard for me to concentrate/focus in "waves". Such as at 2pm I can't think or hear, but half an hour later I'm normal-ish.

Also within those waves the pressure inside my skull is intense but not painful at all. And it feels cloudy or distant.

And in the peeks of these waves it feels as if someone opened the top of my skull and poured ice cold water on my brain, I can feel it trickle down all the folds and crevices. Of course I know its not literally water but could it be blood? Also when this happens I tense up lose control a little, like tilt my head to the side. I"m worried it's a tumor, cancer, ect. But hopefully it's a side affect to my depression medication. Although I've been taking the same meds for a while now and just recently has the waves become more powerful and often.

1 Answer

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