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Help me find the name of this movie from either the 80's or 90's?

I remember it was an older movie about either robin hood or king Arthur and I thought it had Gilbert godfery in it but now I can t find it. It had singing in it and the characters were all crazy. It s not Robin Hood men in tights I just watched that. Please help me I would love to re watch it.


I remember it was on after school in like 1996 my grandmother and I watched it. It seemed like they were traveling with a girl to somewhere and had to help her find true love or something. I keep drawing a blank after that.

Update 2:

I remembered that Gibert and another guy played monks or something along that line.

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  • 6 months ago

    Monty Python holy Grail (?))

    • alyssa6 months agoReport

      No that isn't it

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