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Anonymous asked in HealthWomen's Health · 8 months ago

is this normal for periods?

Without fail, I put a pile of weight on just before I start my periods, in which I lose again over the course of my period.

At the same time I am constipated before and during my periods, but just as they are ending, or have ended, I have a few diarrhoea episodes!

Is this normal?

1 Answer

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    8 months ago

    The weight is probably water weight. We all bloat a little before our periods, whether we notice or not. It’s our bodies retaining water in preparation for the blood loss. I always notice it the most in my breasts and belly.

    Diarrhea is also normal due to all the prostaglandins that are needed to help your uterus contract. Constipation is odd; make sure to increase for fluids, fiber, and physical movement during times of constipation. For the diarrhea, make sure you drink water to replace losses.

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