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Why do laborers in Australia get paid well but in America they only get paid like $9 an hour?

Australians, well from my experience I started out with $20 an hour, it is at least $15 dollars an hour in Australia for any kind of laborious work because I have done those jobs.

You'd think the hardest work to do in terms of physical stress on the body would have decent pay in a place like AMERICA

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    nope, america doesnt even pay for your health expenses if u have a heart attack or major health problem, you have to buy "insurance" for life, there is no national health program where ur automatically covered, so if they cant cover that, forget getting paid decent wage for labour jobs, also real hard physical work is not considered "hard work" cause the thinking is "anybody can do that", so people go to college or university so that can get a easy job and good pay.also australia's population is close 30 million while US population is 360 million, this ofcourse creates a big difference in how people are taken care of.

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    You need to check your facts again, SIR TROLL!

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    You have more taxes withheld, and you pay higher prices for goods and services. Wages are relative in an economy.

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    Most people have physical capability, so labor-type work will never be too lucrative. It's knowledge that earns the worthwhile wages.

    Cost of living is another very real factor with regard to these issues.

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    I recently payed an HVAC guy $60 for a half hour to fix my AC. That's $120 an hour. I paid a guy to mow my lawn. I paid him $100. It took him 6 hours. That's about $16 an hour. So I cheated the lawn guy, right? He should get the same $120 an hour, right? That's $720 to mow my lawn.

    The problem is HE would be happy to get paid that. But do you think I would pay him that? Do you understand how that works? It's called supply and demand.

  • Anonymous
    12 months ago

    in the US we need to make sure we pay as much money as humanely possibly to the rich, so they don't starve to death

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