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What dog breed is the most loyal?

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    ● "What dog breed is the most loyal?"


    EVERY actual BREED has cowards and renegades among its members.

    You didn't even bother to tell us in which WAYS you want a dog to demonstrate its loyalty.

    Nor what ACTIVITIES you want a dog to perform FOR or WITH you.

    Instead of asking 54 questions in 4 months, you should be going along to weekly dog-training classes and observing how different dogs BEHAVE in class, and later (when you think you have reduced to about 4 the number of breeds that are likely to suit your needs), talking to the owners of those candidate-breeds.

    When you are down to a single breed that has impressed you as being almost perfect for your needs, you then need to find an experiences trainer & breeder of that BREED to visit litters with you and advise you whether ANY of the available pups is going to fit your needs & tasks & your weaknesses.

    Don't even THINK of getting a dog before you have:

    🐩1: A home with a back door that opens straight into a securely fenced back yard, and where you are allowed to build a roofed dog pen with a raised sleeping box at the far end. Ideally, you should also be allowed to have the concrete floor of the pen draining into an S-bend pipe that connects to the city sewers, or to your rural septic tank. (Being married to a dog-loving "homebody" also helps!)

    🐕2: A job that keeps you away from home no longer than 9 hours on any day (for an 8-hour working day, that means no more than 30 minutes between home & work) before it is 3 years old.

    🐩3: A job that allows you to take at least 2 weeks annual leave starting the day you bring Pup home. I'm pretty sure that you haven't thought about all the things that Pup & you have to learn & adjust to in the first 3± days, nor all the safe & FUN (in PUP's opinion!) experiences you must familiarise Pup with before he/she becomes 13 weeks old and changes from the "calm, confident & curious" life-stage to the "need security" life-stage for a month or more.

    🐕4: Chosen a training group where YOU will get COACHED for about a year, starting when Pup is 18-to-22 weeks old.

    I suspect that, when you have sorted out what your NEEDS are, the likeliest candidates will be found among the Spaniels or the sheep-dogs. It MIGHT help you to study the intelligence rankings of the 138 breeds listed in: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Intelligence_of_... - be aware that an intelligent dog is GREAT when the owner is very intelligent, but that most dogs in the first 31 breeds - and several from further down! - quickly outsmart lazy or stupid humans! A dog is not like a torch or radio that you can switch off & forget when you don't need it!

    And please punctuate your username correctly, add your own avatar, plus write an "About me" telling us your birth year, your nearest city (include the nation or state of other places use the same city-name), and some of the things that interest you.

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    King Les The Lofty - first pup in 1950; GSD breeder & trainer as of 1968

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    German Shepard's are loyal to Germans Belgian Shepard's Belgium dobermans to me. Australian Shepard's Australians rittweilers to cows. Get my drift?

    What canine was bred to be around you and knows your scent and characteristics?

    None? Then you'll have tough time with any dog. And I don't know why you would want one. Dogs can be a chore they need attention exercise and lots and lots of love they are not pawns or toys they are working animals with a purpose in life, to serve moi here.

    So you have to understand that dog is a specialised animal developed for certain environments, the earth, certain foods, bone meat heart fish liver and guts. Wait til your new puppy eats some ****. You'll freak. Better be nice!!!

  • Anonymous
    1 year ago

    Australian Cattle Dogs. I'm a shepherd and those dog's provide me with romantic company during my lonely nights in the fields.

  • 1 year ago

    the one you train best of course

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  • J C
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    1 year ago

    No dog breed is inherently loyal. Dogs become "loyal" when they have an owner they know they can depend on. This is due to spending time training the dog, so that it looks to you as the leader.

  • 1 year ago

    A lot of dogs have a strong since of loyalty but I guess it all depends on how they are conditioned whenever they are younger. I have found that German shepherds, Malinois, and PitBulls are usually very loyal.

  • Anonymous
    1 year ago

    why pit bull terriers of course

  • Anonymous
    1 year ago

    Pit Bulls are known for extreme loyalty and a fierce desire to protect owners.

  • Anonymous
    1 year ago

    German Shepherd. 'The ultimate protector'.

  • Anonymous
    1 year ago

    Depends on the dog I guess

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