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Can poetry transcend time and distance in our minds, through quantum mechanics of thoughts and feelings?

Going back over pages and pages of verse,

Having left behind shackles for better or worse,

Holding my own, with some measure of success,

There is something missing from life I confess:

That which was once the only tendril of hope

That I sheltered in daily so that I could cope.

Here in this electronic network of friends

At Yahoo Answers.

Our connection transcends

What words can convey. The best would be love.

It cradles beneath and soothes from above.

I found this extraordinary group a decade ago,

And I miss each and every one of you so;

Alas, my time is taken by work and the cost

To my spirit is great- a capitol loss.

Right now I could be out taking care of the mundane,

Suppressing the nostalgia, swallowing the pain-

Instead I reach out with a "Remember when"

If you know me leave a line or two to tell me how you've Ben;

And if we are strangers, tell me something about you!

Because people are priceless gifts. I send my love to all of you!

*feels some sort of something*


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  • 12 months ago

    Scattered deep amongst strangers

    In this forum of

    quandaries and prose

    We see and feel you too I suppose

    Though we've not met

    we're all here in kind

    To snuff out the mundane

    and stretch our minds

    In realities and fantasies

    to complex to define

  • Call me crazy... I'm sure some do, but I'm putting my answer out there as a yes, whether the question is phrased perfectly or not. So much of what you have said was my experience as well, even though I became skeptical, even afraid, after a while. Close connections outside of this physical realm can leave one feeling vulnerable, to say the least. Thing is, it's hard to walk away, whether you've the feeling of being shackled or not, and the only way you can really know this, in my opinion, is if you have been there. And that feeling of there being a piece missing, whatever the size? At least for me, it was real. And heartbreaking. But life must go on, right? It is, unfortunately, just how the cookie crumbles.

    For better or worse, I found you...

    for better or worse, you helped me through

    for better or worse, words were the way

    for better or worse, I threw them away

    I am glad you are well, Lovechild. Yes, I remember you, and, as always, wish you the best ♥ (giveitmybest)

  • 12 months ago

    or something like that

  • 12 months ago

    how can their be a answer to this when all minds and emotions are separate and non exchangeable. no TWO people and emotions and thinking can be the same . that in poetry and life

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  • Nancy
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    12 months ago

    Yes, but not through "quantum mechanics of thoughts and feelings."

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