Had a pipe put in under my lawn. Grass refuses to grow/dies where the pipe is. How can I fix this?

I had a gas heater put in for my pool. The pipe that connects the heater to my gas was buried several feet under. It's been 2 months and grass won't grow in several patches. I've tried replacing the soil and reseeding and the seed either won't take or will take then die shortly after. Help!

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  • Nancy
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    6 months ago
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    I'd say that you didn't replace the soil with the right soil. A gas pipe won't cause that. All that can possibly cause that is the soil being replaced with soil that isn't top soil or is top soil that is different than the surrounding top soil. Make sure that the soil you have on top is top soil, not fill dirt, and make sure that the top soil you put in is appropriate for what you want to grow.

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  • 6 months ago

    Depending on how warm and dry it is where you are, it takes a long time. I seeded a patch about six weekes ago, but I water it a few times every day to keep it wet so the seed will germinate. Otherwise in Summer it does not work. In September when we get a lot more rain it grows quickly.

    If grass seed begins to germinate and then dries out in the sun, it just dies.

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  • y
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    6 months ago

    2 months? Your funny. Unless you properly seed, fertilize, water, basically baby the patch, then what you describe is exactly what happens. When you throw some seed down and expect it to grow. You didn't mention location, it would be a waste of time to try to fix it this year. Best bet with minimal work would be to over seed once the leaves fall, over seed again in the spring while also using some sort of grass feed. Continue watering and feeding according to instructions of whatever you used for a couple of months, see what you get

    • Stark6 months agoReport

      you're* and no, I'm not. I'm a new home owner so forgive my ignorance.

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