How do I make my pagefile.sys smaller without noticing a change on my computer?

My computer is around 8 years old and the pagefile.sys takes around 30gb of total storage. And it will only get larger as I play videogames on that pc mostly. I would like to know in simple terms if there is a way to reduce the amount on memory pagefile.sys takes without noticing a change on my computer.

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  • Sky
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    12 months ago

    To add to Tracy's answer, since you're seeing the pagefile.sys file grow over time, that indicates it is set to have a dynamic size, ie. grow as needed. Thing is, windows doesn't then shrink the file when that extra size isn't needed. If you set the virtual memory to have a fixed size (maximum and minimum size the same), or to have a specific maximum size (regardless of what the minimum is set to), it will not grow beyond that.

    Look up the specs for your particular motherboard and see what the maximum amount of RAM is that it is physically capable of utilizing, and then buy enough memory to max it out. That'll help your performance some.

  • 12 months ago

    First you really need to understand what the pagefile is doing! It is there to make available "Virtual Memory" which can be used by the programs you run to help them run faster and manage that usage. Here is how to set a LARGER pagefile size (or reduce it) but be aware it does impact performance either way.. one good, the other bad!

    The simple answer is 'add more memory to your computer" if you see to pagefile getting used alot while running programs!

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