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What job title reflect this description?

I m currently looking for jobs, and I have a civil engineering degree.

I m looking for a job where I can help reduce energy consumption in domestic houses be evaluating what needs to be implemented into the building to make it more sustainable. E.g led lights or whatever. And provide numerical improvements to the client.

Is this a thing? What would it be called?

Sustainability consultant?

Please let me know your input,



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  • Mr. P
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    12 months ago

    Is this even a thing? I did this myself and now have solar and a better insulated roof.

    There are companies out there that offer surveys, but usually offer free surveys but earn their keep from a commission from the companies that actually do the loft and wall insulation.

    You could try it going alone. There is a push towards smart meters to "save you money", but in reality they will just put up the tariffs just when you are about to use it based on your previous history.

  • 12 months ago

    Are you a new grad or do you have some experience? If you are a new grad, go to the employment department at your university and they should be able to assist you. Whatever your experience situation is, also consider contacts engineering employment agencies in the area you want to live. Aerotek and Kelly Engineering are both reliable companies with real jobs.

  • 12 months ago

    Start your own business doing it, and see if it works. I think that it would.

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