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How would you all proceed?

I had hired a home inspector & had paid him same day w check. He called me the next day irate claiming I put a hold on the check. Which I didnt. We had agreed to a diff method of payment and I told him MULTIPLE times that I would be canceling the check bc Im not paying him twice. He has missed our meetup appointments more than once and he then threatened me w a false police report. I have texts & a witness that can prove he agreed to cancel the check & I wasnt doing fraud. I did tell him I wanted to speak w an attorney first before we proceeded to protect myself. He then became even more irate and threatened me with his attorney. I had informed him I would contact him the next day after I spoke w one & before I could do that the cops called me giving me 20 days from the day I received a letter from the inspector to pay him or itll turn into a criminal investigation. I have been waiting on this letter and I still have yet to receive it. I do want to make a complaint to the state because he has been unprofessional since day 1 before any of this occurred. I feel if he was uncomfortable with my method of payment he shouldve requested a different type. I also feel he couldve handled it all in a different manner and with him being a new business owner he may not know how to properly conduct a business. I still have yet to get the home inspection report as well. I want to give him a negative review online too but he threatens to sue people for slander.

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    Pay him in cash. Get a receipt. Both parties apologize for the confusion. Done.

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    You made it overly complicated for an unsophisticated person. Pay him. And worry about his inspection.

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