Can I get a J2 for my spouse if I am on a J1 extended 18 month traineeship as a full time "camp counselor" working in winter office.?

I will be working for a summer camp full time on a J1 extended 18 month 'traineeship' or 'internship' visa. Will I be eligible to get a J2 for my spouse?

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  • 6 months ago

    Is your contract single-status only? If the camp is providing accommodations, will they allow you to bring your wife? You may have contractual issues.

    Otherwise, you are going to have to prove you can totally support your spouse (including health insurance & all health, dental, etc, care) as your spouse cannot work. Actually, it's very rare for interns to be married at all, and rarer still to be allowed to bring them along.

    • hollie6 months agoReport

      How would I find that information? Can my company choose to make it single status? I will be arranging my own accommodation so this should not be an issue I assume?

      If he comes on a J2, he can apply for an employment Authorisation? Would I still need to prove I can support him?

      Married young!

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