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Does mixing xanax with alcohol cause this type of blackout?

I’m starting to believe I had xanax slipped in my drink somehow. Usually I’m in control of my alc being a college student but last night I blacked out so bad and don’t remember anything. Sometimes my bf invites me over to his beach house when he isn’t expecting his parents and he takes their alc, last night we had tequila and he decided to mix it with juice. after one and a half cups I started feeling too relaxed and sleepy and started slurring. he said it’s bc I can’t handle my liquor and I had more liquor than juice etc. I ended up at my best friend’s and she told me I took an uber there and was crying to her abt breaking up w my bf and I wasn’t wearing the bra I had on earlier or shoes and underwear. I reread my texts and it wasn’t making sense bc I was drunk so I called my bf and he swears I went crazy while we were hooking up so he kicked me out bc I started fighting him and was screaming calling him a rapist and his neighbor took my keys and told me to call someone. The last thing I remember was drinking on the beach w/ him and walking back to the house bc I got tired. I never felt that tired after drinking and my friend told me I acted like I did more than drink and she thinks it’s xanax. I’m sore, have a cut on my foot and blood stains. Ik I would remember cutting myself. Idk why my bf would do that and I’m not saying he did but I don’t think I drank enough to cause me to blackout to that extent

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