Chain link fence?

I have a almost new condition chain link fence I want to put by the back door for my dog what I need to know is can I use the original hardened concrete from the previous owner and it still be stable or will I have to break it off if I have to break it off do I need to put new concrete in or will I be fine without it first time putting one up but it’s necessary

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  • Nancy
    Lv 6
    6 months ago

    You'll have to use the old fence's poles too then. That's because the concrete is poured with the poles in place. So if the old fence poles are fine, then you can attach the new fencing to it, but if they're not, then you'll need to pour new cement around the new poles because you won't have any way to put new poles into that old concrete that's already hardened.

    • Brandon6 months agoReport

      All of the old hardware including the old poles will be used as it’s all it almost perfect condition that’s why I was wondering if I could reuse and just leave the concrete thank you for your answer

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