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Should I start dancing again? I am panicking!?

I started dancing when I was three years old and I never took it seriously: it was always only to have fun. The city I moved to when I was 12 takes dance very seriously, which means that I went to 'playing', to exams and dancing over 11 hours a week. Because I didn't like how serious it was I quit all of my classes at once.

Although I am very young, as I am 15, I am very lucky and grateful as I had the opportunity to attend over 50 shows (eg. musicals, plays, dance ecc.). None of them moved me like the one I saw a few hours ago did. I started full-on crying by the end of the show. I felt exactly like I did when I danced, it was so freeing.

I guess I started crying because I realized what I let go.

It's now been 1.5 years since I last danced, but should I still try? Or is it too late?

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  • 12 months ago

    Why on earth are you 'panicking'? What's the rush?

  • 12 months ago

    You should do it, it's something you love now

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    12 months ago

    Is it too late for what? To become a professional dancer, a recreational dance teacher, go into a career somewhat related to dance or to simply start dance classes again?

    To simply start dance classes again - as long as you can walk and safely participate in dance classes, and can afford them (or your parent(s)/guardian can and are willing to afford them)- I believe no age is too late. Even for people with physical limitations, there may be dance classes that cater to their needs.

    You said you said at 12 you started over 11 hours of dance a week, was that a sudden increase? You do not specify the nature of your dance training and the number of hours a week you danced after 12 years old, but however much or little you danced, and whether that training was recreational or pre-professional, unless your parent(s)/guardian would not let you take a dance class again or cannot afford or find one I see no reason why you could not do so.

    If you are eager to take a dance class again, with your parent(s)'/guardian's permission, try out a dance class at a good dance studio (some dance studios may offer drop-in or (sometimes free) trial classes), and see where to go from there (e.g. whether to continue). It may be best to first contact the dance studio to see which level you should start back in.

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    IF you are considering taking up dance again as a 30 old adult who has not danced in 15 years as a hobby it might work, but st this age you have most likely shot your chance and professional dance.

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  • 12 months ago

    Be a lot surprised, I can,t advise young,but for such a thing,then you move yourself around.Be careful too!That is a strategy it is not a special mood!

  • 12 months ago

    First only a year and a half isn’t that much time off. There are professional ballet dancers out for a year due to injury who go back to training and back into professional dancing.

    Second, there is no reason at age 15 you can’t go back to recreational dance training. And yes, only 11 hours a week is considered recreational training. It may be more serious than your previous school was but it is still recreational training. Having exams just makes them a more serious recreational dance school than the one you previously attended.

    So by all means go ahead and sign up for classes again. Do yourself a favor and start back at a lower level to get back up to speed again. They can always move you up when you are ready. Jumping in where you left off may set you up for failure. Professional dancers out for a year due to injury start back in advanced beginner classes ( in a professional level school which is often the affiliate feeder school to the company) until they are back up to speed.

    Source(s): My daughter is a professional concert contemporary dancer & choreographer. Ballet academy trained. Dance grad of LaGuardia Arts high school (the FAME school.) Graham & Horton modern trained. Juilliard SI. BFA in dance from NYU Tisch. Currently choreographing and performing in a world renown concert contemporary company. I worked for NYCB (New York City Ballet.)
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    12 months ago

    That sounds like a horrible city

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