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Why do people pretend that working 3 jobs is a big deal? You can only work byt so many hours in a week and i doubt all 3 of those?

Jobs are 40 hour a week job. 3 20 hour jobs are worse than just gwtting 1 60 hour job.

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    Why work 3 jobs when 3 people can work 1 job each? Oh, right! Employers would have to start paying overtime, and that'd be so awful if people were fairly compensated for spending more of their time creating capital for someone else.

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  • John P
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    I once had three part-time jobs for the same organisation.

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    We had that lady at our church that worked four security jobs and she would literally pass out from exhaustion of course she was 60 at the time. I asked her why she likes to work so much and she said I like to have things my reply is that's nice but it's no good if you kill yourself. She finally narrow it down to two jobs because the doctor put his foot down.

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      Personally I think you should work one job and should be enough to live life when I say live life I mean by food pay your rent or mortgage and have some fun I'm not saying how Donald Trump lifestyle but you should not have to struggle.

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  • Dort
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    One problem with 3 jobs is trying to accommodate the schedules of all three. Obviously, you can't be in two places at the same time and different jobs may want you at the same time. The more hours you are trying to work, the more of a problem this will be.

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    it is 40 hours. NORMAL working hours for one job is 40, not 60

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