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Why is are teens not allowed to watch porn?

I dont understand why teens arent legally and morally allowed to watch porn for a few reasons. First of all, teens are the #1 people who NEED porn! They have high testosterone and constantly need to masturbate. If they dont, sexual urges go through the roof. I know, I just was one. Masturbating prevents the teen from going after these urges. Plus eventually the bladder feels like its going to explode and physically hurts.The reason porn is needed for this is because no man can just ejaculate without visual stimulation. Another reason porn should be meant for teens is because they're the ones having the least sex in the first place. Adults constantly have sex on average at least once per week while teens almost always have NEVER had sex. (Yes it's true, according to statistics 60 percent of high schoolers grades 9-12 have never had sex and only 30 percent are sexually active) since adults can just go out and have sex or have sex with their significant other whenever they feel the urge, it only makes sense that teens have porn to release their urges. Plus, adults this day in age are extreme hippocrates. They force their teens to think sex is bad and not something they should do while teen generations in the 50s up to the 90s and 2000s had many times more rates of sex, drug use, dating, fighting, murder, and more. As a result, teens nowadays almost never date, and sit on social media all day. Young are getting married, having kids, and more at many times lower rates.

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    I am not even going to read your entire question.

    You cannot view pornographic content because it is meant for the adult audience. You're not a legal adult until eighteen.

  • 11 months ago

    Ok first off you have it all wrong. Just because we are a married adult, it doesn't mean we can just have sex any time we want. Two people have to be in the mood to engage in sex, and this isn't always the case. Same for single adults out there - most aren't flinging themselves at each other for sex all the time. Not sure where you get your strange little informational tidbits.

    Meanwhile, porn has always been around in some form. Do you think the Roman Bath Houses were for taking baths? think again -- it was primarily about adult entertainment for men.

    Still, the internet is a relatively new thing to the world, and porn videos and other porn-related things online are more readily available today. Back in the day this wasn't the case. So guys masturbated to the underwear sections of catalogs or magazines (there was Esquire and Playboy and other magazines starting in the 50s or 60s). Lots of men masturbated with no visuals (and still do!).

    But I'd have to say that 99% of men today look at and masturbate to porn. It's perfectly normal male behavior.

    Why do people have to be 18 to visit porn sites and look at porn? Because they are not considered of adult age, that's why.

    And here is something a person with some common sense has said:

    "....I'm not sure why nudity is considered inappropriate but it very likely has to do with many social constructs. What I'd like to say (as a person who watches and enjoys porn) is that I think porn (that is to say MOST porn), especially for younger people is really bad to watch. Firstly it sets unreal expectations for both men and women in terms of what they will expect their own and other peoples bodies to look like. If you want evidence of this ask any man in the developed world if they'd prefer if their penis was an extra inch or two bigger. Secondly it sets up extremely strange and horrible expectations about how to have a relationship with another person. Young people have a difficult enough time making sense of information that they have context and experience with. In situations where they have not had any experience and likely wont for some time it sends a weird message about how you have a relationship with a woman and what to expect it to look like."

    So that's what he said.

    And it all makes a lot of good sense to me. Most people in relationships typically have regular old intercourse without acrobatics or kink included. A small portion of the population is a bit different... always was. But the sex we see in porn? It's NOT REALITY for the most part.

    And great relationships between two people isn't all about sex. People in great relationships do have sex and hopefully good sex... but sex isn't a huge percentage of satisfaction in a relationship.

    The internet has wrecked the younger generation when it comes to relating to the opposite sex and what it means to be in a relationship.

  • 11 months ago

    Lol, you're clearly very young. This just made me laugh. Silly child.

  • 12 months ago

    The age to be in porn is eighTEEN. So how is it if TEENS are not allowed to watch porn, they can be in it?

    Next dumb question please.

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  • 12 months ago

    Ok for one teenagers don't need porn at all and besides that porn is inappropriate for anyone let alone a child. If you need to watch porn in order to be satisfied then you either have no imagination or you need to see a doctor. Also pornography sites can cause computer viruses as well.

  • Fred
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    12 months ago

    Because you chew up all the bandwidth and us older guys have slow porn downloads and our erections go down before we can finish. So the old politicians said no porn for teenage boys.

  • mikey
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    12 months ago

    Teens can and do watch porn, especially with the internet. Also there are adult teens.

  • Suzy Q
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    12 months ago

    "no man can just ejaculate without visual stimulation."

    Uhm, yes they can. Visual stimulation can be fun, but if you are literally unable to ejaculate without visual stimulation, you need to see a doctor.

  • Anonymous
    12 months ago

    Because they are not much mature at that time. They are like flying birds who would cross any limits. Teens should not watch porn till 18. Watching porn lowers testosterone levels, do you even know that?? It may interfere with your academics, career and other activities.

    Porn is the #1 reason of emasculation of men. Stop jerking off in your room and go out & play. Teens in past were mentally and physically healthier. You need to follow the past, not the degenerated present where we are fvucked up by gadgets, porn and pleasure.

  • gerald
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    12 months ago

    it sends you blind there are other things to do in life except playing with yourself and your I phone get your room cleaned up and do some chores wheres your parents ? watching porn I suppose

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