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Dirac asked in EnvironmentGlobal Warming · 12 months ago

What do you think of the BEST fit of temperature to CO2 and volcanoes?

This question replaces one deleted by an anti-science troll.


There is some confusion about the graph. The black curve is the BEST land surface temperature, while the red line is a regression of that against a linear combination of the logarithm of CO2 concentration and volcanic sulfate emissions. Adding a proxy for solar activity did not improve the fit.

Update 2:

The y-axis is temperature, the x-axis is time. Could someone please help the geologist understand this?

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  • Jeff M
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    12 months ago

    As with every large volcanic eruption there is a decrease in temperature for a number of years until stratospheric aerosols rain out. You can clearly see where large volcanic eruptions occurred with the large decreases in temperatures globally for a number of years at a time. I am surprised JimZ, being a geologist, does not recognize this. And the thing about volcanic eruptions is that when the temperatures dip for a number of years so does CO2. This is because the upper oceans cool with the increased aerosol activity heightening the carbon sink.

  • Anonymous
    12 months ago

    Co2 × mcit4 =48216 ÷2×2 ~ 666 - 3x33.

  • Anonymous
    12 months ago


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  • JimZ
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    12 months ago

    I'm not sure where volcanoes fit in there. When you are graphing two different things on the same graph with different scales, making them "fit" is arbitrary. We know that CO2 and temperature don't correlate very well so manipulating a graph to try show they do is dishonest. We have measurements of CO2 going back to the 1950s on Mauna Loa. If you are selecting other proxies for your supposed CO2 concentrations that needs to be provided. Just putting a line on there might convince those that are gullible but to me it is an easily seen farce. It takes up to 150 years for fern to form. Trying to paste past proxies onto a different measured recent proxy reminds me of what Mann did pasting recent measured temperatures on tree ring proxies because the tree ring proxies didn't show what he wanted them to.

    You said in my comments that there is one scale. There is temperature and CO2 concentration on one axis and time on the other. It really isn't that complicated. You might want to go back and take some remedial courses on how to read graphs. Do your honestly think temperature and CO2 are on the same scale? Wow.

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  • 12 months ago

    It shows a good fit and high correlation between the two curves - although the differing variability will reduce the r-squared figures somewhat.

    However, staring at graphs is not the best way to view the data although it is always recommended as a starting point. What is required is the result of some lagged cross correlations to see if one curve leads the other.

    For instance, you can look at the Vostok Ice Core data for as long as you like but you cannot be sure of the 800 year lag until you do some math(s).

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  • Anonymous
    12 months ago

    As I suspected all along, its settled science, now what to do about it....

  • 12 months ago

    Global temperature fits very well with carbon dioxide concentration. But, given that volcanoes emit only about 1% of the carbon dioxide that humans do, volcanoes have very little effect on temperature. Volcanic aerosols do cause a short term drop in temperature.


    It is indeed unfortunate that the original question was deleted. It is a shame that Yahoo Joker and his socks are against free speech.

  • 12 months ago

    I think it is pretty clear that our planet is warming due, primarily, to our CO2 emissions. We shouldn't be surprised by graphs like this anymore - we've known this for almost 40 years. In Europe, we have moved past the point of it being contentious or an issue for debate.

    The key thing about that graph is it isn't linear. Our CO2 emissions grow, this adds to the CO2 already there since it can have a long lifetime mixed in the atmosphere (up to a century before absorption) so the planet is going to get warmer still.

    The issue is how will a continuously warming world affect the kids in our primary schools and their kids. And the problem I have is that some skeptics are applying a risk management strategy of 'Despite the evidence being presented to me, I personally don't think the impact is worth worrying about, so let's do nothing'. Imagine if I applied that to patients in the hospital - I don't accept the blood test results, I personally don't think the child has measles, so let's do nothing'!

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