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I want to learn the guitar, but don't have money for lessons and I've tried Youtube, but it hasn't helped. I'm unmotivated, what should I do?

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  • Dick
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    1 year ago
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    I"m a senior citizen and in recent years have regretted never having learned an instrument. In fact I bought an electric piano years ago and then took lessons from a lady that had me attempting to learn by having me learn classical songs. NOT FUN!!! I ended giving it up and gave the piano to my niece. Anyway here's my point. Nothing when it comes to musical instruments comes easy except the kazoo. Hang in there. Pick a nice easy listening song that you like and learn enough chords so that you can at least make it sound somewhat like part of the song. Once you do this you'll at least feel the progress. Don't try to learn the whole song ... just a few chords and maybe a half a dozen lines of lyrics and enjoy playing that much. Once you get that down so that it's fun, learn a few more chords and more lines and then slowly keep going. YOU HAVE TO MAKE IT FUN FOR YOURSELF !!! That is critical. Hang in there. You can't play like Clapton or Jimmy Page in a week!!! Make it fun and you see some progress and then you'll want to keep going. I wish you luck, and I hope this helps. As part of the inspiration, keep thinking this: I'm gonna do it because that older man told me I'd regret not learning it the rest of my life. Hang in there, you'll love the rewards down the road.

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    If you aren;t motivated just buy some guitar music and listen to it.

    You need motivation to learn.

  • Mark
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    1 year ago

    If you're unmotivated, then quit now. Or did you expect to be able to master it straight away?

  • Benny
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    1 year ago

    I don't understand the question. If you're not motivated, why bother?

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    Why are you asking me.

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