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Speak to me of Mr. Tuffy tire liner. I've been getting a lot of stickleburr flats. Is Mr. Tuffy the answer?

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    Mr. Tuffy tire liners might be your least expensive solution. But with one glaring drawback. They add weight to the tire and wheel. Maybe not a lot - but enough to make a difference. Anytime you add weight onto a wheel, it takes more effort to get rolling & stay rolling. If you already own a heavy bicycle, you might not notice the difference at all.

    You never stated what make & model tires are on the bike now. Cheap tires have little to no puncture resistance. Quality tires sometime come with an extra layer of protection, such as an Aramid fiber, the same stuff used to make bullet proof vests.

    As pointed out by Mtrlpqbiker, the newest line of defense is tubeless tires & wheels. Converting your bike to that may not be "cost effective" though. It might end up costing more than the bike is worth.

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      An excellent and informative response. Thank you so much.

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  • 6 months ago

    You can use sealant in your existing tubes. Google "Stan's No-Flat." Most easily used if your tube has a removable valve core.

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  • 7 months ago

    The definitive answer is to convert your bike to tubeless tires with sealant. For more specific answers, include better details about your bike and the tires and wheels you are using

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  • 7 months ago

    Dont know who that is.

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    Oh you have perused the line presumptuously to corral the best! I can sanctimoniously verbalize the grand Mr Tuffy fare with ease.

    Once upon a time Mr Tuffy claimed Garanimals stalked nicely between the sheets. Alas no gorgeous horse feathers presented themselves. Boo boo, he cried, until a flat of stickleburr crates fell from the depths...proudly!

    What shall become of the stickleburr flare remained a mystery until George claimed it. Righteous! Travesty knows no bounds with flats and flats of stickler burds. Oy vey!

    Source(s): Short answer: YES
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