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Are doing all nighters bad for you?

Hi guys, I am in a very tough situation right now. I assume that my history teacher is very late with giving the class updates on upcoming test and assignments. There’s this thing called google classroom, he never told us there are any assignments on there, and now turns out we have a big test tomorrow. I’m stressing on it because I have 4 assignments due, and a test last minute. On top of that, I have a biology test. Our biology teacher gave us information about her test a week before the test. Anyways, I’m thinking of planning an all nighter, I’ve been studying all day and I haven’t touched my assignments or my biology, which is my fault. I don’t want to fail or get a bad grade on any of these tests & assignments. Do you guys think I can stay up for long periods, and still pass the tests?


On the bright side, i know the information very well. Its not that I am clueless, but i want to do my very best.

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    Well u seem to be in a tough situation buddy... from past experience, after an all nighter I was very tired and it was hard to focus on the tests I studied for. I fink the best resolution is to study/do the assignments till u tired then finish up on your way to school/ before your test.

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  • 6 months ago

    It won't do you any harm once in a while. Get on with it.

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  • Mark
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    7 months ago

    They tend to be disorienting, but once in a while, they are fine. Still, if you have studied well and asked your instructor the reason of something, you won't HAVE to do "all-nighters".

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