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Isn't there a way to process the illegal immigrants who have been removed from the poultry plants and get them legalized?

I know they broke the law but they are employed and have families and live in the shadows. Isn't there a way to legalize them, let them start paying taxes and put them back to work? These jobs are not high paying jobs and hard to fill. I say fine the employers heavily, even jail those who condoned it.


I am not trying to argue illegal immigration, I understand the problem, just thought there might be another answer to this mess across our country.

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    Illegal aliens are an ENORMOUS burden on our country. In addition to the financial costs, they are responsible for a quarter of the murders in the USA and for causing at least a quarter of the fatal traffic accidents.

    We need to do six things to improve immigration security and HUGELY reduce the problems caused to our society by illegal aliens:

    1. Put in place controls on the borders so illegal entries are reduced. It is not possible to actually > end < illegal entries, but we can greatly reduce them.

    2. Deport illegals who commit additional crimes, and imprison them if they return.

    3. Close the gaps in the current laws which allow employers in the USA to hire people as "day labor" without checking their right to work in the USA. That includes civil and criminal penalties for the employers.

    4. Review governmental social welfare programs to ensure people who are not eligible (such as illegal aliens) are not getting benefits.

    5. Cease counting non-citizens in the census for allocation of US House of Representatives seats.

    6. Require that people prove they are a US citizen who is alive, an adult, and not a rights-suspended felon in order to vote.

    Note that # 3 and # 4 will cause millions upon millions of illegals to go home the same way they got here: On their own. Enforcing # 5 and # 6 will end the influence illegal aliens have on our government.

    If illegal aliens typically voted Republican the Left would want a wall all the way around the USA (not just on the southern border) and retinal scan identity verification to vote, get a job, etc.

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    The workers already pay taxes.

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    Under current law, no, there is not.

    If someone is present illegally in the US for more than 6 months I believe, that triggers a 10-year ban on re-entering the US.

    So someone present in the US illegally, would have to go home, satisfy that ban, and then they *might* be eligible for some sort of family visa or an employer-sponsored visa.

    That's one reason why the illegal population in the US is such a tough one to fix. There's no process for them to become legal, and if they do go home they are banned for at least 10 years. So there's little incentive to do that either.

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    No, there is not. There is no way for year-round workers who produce food to be legal. Only non-workers, workers who don't produce food, and seasonal workers can be legal. That is why illegal workers are needed for year-round food production jobs.

    But if it makes you feel better, they do pay taxes, and sometimes more than they would if they were legal.

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    yes there is but the tRump Parliament won't do anything about it

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    No. There is no way to legalize any illegal alien. They have no choice but to return to their own countries. Deport the illegal aliens. And the companies need to work harder on recruitment of unskilled, uneducated people - no shortage of them!

    E.g. able-bodied adults on welfare - relocate them near the plants & put them to work. They have families to support, too.

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    Not only did they brake "immigration laws," but they all did commit felonies. On the low end, that would have been document fraud, at the very least. If they claimed to be US citizens on their I-9 form, they would also be guilty of false claim of citizenship. That's hard to beat, but it can be beat if they used another person's ID, in which case we are also talking identity theft. In short, they'll all do time in the slammer before being deported. I just wish that they'd fine the owner of the two poultry plants $25,000 for each person they employed knowing that they were illegal aliens.

    Source(s): An immigrant from Europe, I live on the American Riviera and work as an attorney in Santa Barbara, California.
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    Sorry since they already broke immigration laws they have now fortified their rights for ever obtaining citizenship.

    Once an immigrant has been removed (deported) from the United States, federal immigration laws make it very difficult for that person to return.

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    "I know they broke the law but"

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    I was immagrent. Came from russia.

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