My ROG PG27V Monitor has weird lines at the bottom, help!?

My monitor has some weird lines at the bottom of my screen which shows what is at the top of my screen, example: when i drag my mouse along the top of monitor i can see the top of my mouse at the bottom of my screen where the weird lines are. What Should i do?

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  • 6 months ago

    Have you tried updating your graphics/display driver? That might be the problem if it's out of date. Does it come on only on the desktop or when you're in other apps, too? Otherwise, if it's not a settings/resolution issue, I would imagine it's maybe a physical/hardware issue that might need inspecting/fixing.

    • Theodor6 months agoReport

      yeah its in other apps too, also when its not connected, i recently traveled so i guess it got mishandled. ill take it tmr to the shop(being 11 pm here)

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