Who normally drives babysitters home?

I babysit quite often but am not old enough to drive. My mom will drive me to gigs but really does not like to drive me home. I feel bad asking parents and I'm afraid it will effect the number of jobs I get, but I often have no choice. Buses typically don't run past 9:00pm where I live. Is it fair of me to ask this of the parents?

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  • 1 year ago
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    Yes. When my kids were little, it was always assumed that one of the parents would drive the babysitter home. (I always did it because I figured the teenage girl who was sitting would be more comfortable with me than with my husband.) Just say to the parents, "I won't be able to get a bus home after 9:00. Will one of you be able to drive me home?"

  • Pat
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    1 year ago


    Set it up with them before you take the job.

  • edward
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    1 year ago

    No. If i had to ask my boss to drive me home...i would get fired for sure. Taking precious time and gas to drive me home after they already paid me. Get a taxi, get an uber. Don’t ask to be dropped off, you’re already paid

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