Is Display Port not compatible with other cables for dual monitors??

I used to have a couple HDMI's and a VGA converted cable to connect three monitors. Ever since I got a new graphics card with a display port cable, I have been unable to get another monitor to work using HDMI or VGA for them.... If they aren't compatible that is bullshit and I would call Display Port a downgrade.

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  • 6 months ago

    You are using the wrong hardware.

    The DisplayPort out is all digital. If you want Nvidia Surround or AMD Eyefinity spanned multiple screens, the dongle must be an ACTIVE dongle with electronics in it. Otherwise, a PASSIVE one will do. The dongle must be connected to the video card, not the monitor.

    Same situation with an HDMI port on a monitor. No video out through the DisplayPort cable to the HDMI adapter. The adapter must be connected to the video card's DisplayPort directly. Then run an HDMI cable to the monitor or HDTV.

    The card's supplied "display port cable" is only for a monitor that has a DisplayPort input or a hub for MST and multiple screens. Search Google or the card maker's website for instructions on proper uses for DisplayPort outputs, dongles, and cables to monitors.

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