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What is the difference between active and passive Bluetooth headphones?

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    You are confusing a specific feature of Bluetooth headphones with the headphones themselves. "Active Noise Suppression\cancellation" has become a big thing these days, since Bose started marketing theirs. Active noise cancellation would mean it has the ability to actively generate a special sound wave to silence much of the noise coming from around you. Example: If you put Active noise canceling headphones on an airplane the engine noise becomes virtually silent.

    Passive noise suppression is mostly a marketing gimmick, basically it just means they tried to make the headphones themselves be like ear plugs or ear muffs physically blocking outside sound.

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    Active is used for music, video (audio), podcasts etc. Passive are used to communicate with, like a two way speaker, loud speaker for a phone. Some support both.

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    All Bluetooth headphones are "active".

    If they weren't, they would not work.

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    Same as any other active or passive speakers... the passive headphones don't have any sort of audio manipulation control or amplification. Active ones do.

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