Best Vinyl Player for Dads Birthday Gift?

So my dad is a HUGE music fan, and I thought a good gift idea would be to buy him a vinyl player with some of his favorite albums, but the only problem is that I have NO idea where to start. So my question is what’s the best vinyl player around 100- 150 bucks that looks nice enough to be put up on the living room TV cabinet? Thanks in advance!!

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  • 9 months ago

     Playing records these days is a specialty hobby, sort of like collecting antique cars, as audio goes. Most that do, and already have a receiver, would want a Turntable, not a stand alone record player. Not all music lovers collect, or want to, vinyl records. Be certain this is an interest of his first. Second, it will be hard to impossible to find a half decent player for that kind of money. A good to fair moving coil or moving magnet magnetic needle cartridge alone will cost over 70 dollars in most cases. Expect to look at 280 dollars and upwards for functional Turntables that are not children's toys or plastic junk. There is a lot of Wallmart type junk in your current price range. If his current equipment receiver  (or pre-amp) does not have (specifically} a Phono input, the turntable must specify that it includes It's own Phono pre-amp, or an external Phono pre-amp will also have to be purchased.  In your browser, google "Audio Turntables" to browse audiophile vendor sites that supply multiple brands for your selection. Unfortunately, the purchase will require this due diligence from you.The upside is , it can be done sitting down in a few minutes.

  • 12 months ago

    Read Spacemising's and Mamianka's answers. You will not get better advice.

  • 1 year ago

    I agree with the two EXPERTS above. Unless your Dad already is committed to the "vinyl lifestyle" - he is a big hobbyist who truly has the time, patience, and inclination to mess with finicky equipment - then skip this idea. You are a really sweet daughter to want to do this - but he will be MUCH happier with another kind of musical gift. How about you treat him ( and Mom?) to a nice pair of concert tickets - maybe jazz, pop, or whatever he likes? Or an annual subscription to TuneIn or another streaming service with NO ADS? You gift of an OBLIGATION to an antiquated audio system - and the new one ARE CRAP!!! (unless again you are such a geek that you will spend THOUSANDS) is like getting him a big messy sloppy DOG as a rescue - and not sure is he really want to take care of all that f goes with it - and the future expense of upkeep.

    Again - you are SUCH A GOOD DAUGHTER to want to do this - but trust us who are experts - this is NOT a good idea. even many of us who are career music pros, have given up on vinyl, and moved on to other formats. Just easier.

    Did I tell you enough what a GOOD DAUGHTER you are??

  • Tony B
    Lv 7
    1 year ago

    They're called “record players”. Vinyl is the material (more or less) that records are made out of.

    Most self-contained record players available new are poor quality. You certainly won't get anything reasonable for that price. It will damage records, probably not play at a consistent speed, be unreliable and produce a poor sound which will be in mono.

    A separate record deck/turntable is a better option but needs to be connected to a stereo system - stereo amplifier and speakers. Again though, you'll struggle to get anything decent at that price unless it's second hand.

    I think you need to make sure that your dad would actually want a record player for his birthday. I’ve been a huge fan of music for decades. I still have lots of records in my loft but most were replaced many years ago with CDs. I have two record decks, one also in the loft, another connected to my stereo system (I never use it though). I really would have no use at all for a record player. To me, it would be like buying someone who loved watching TV an old 12 inch black and white TV set.

    Of course, your dad might be different but I'd check first.

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  • 1 year ago

    For that money, you will have to buy used ("vintage") equipment.

    DO NOT buy ANY new player in that price range.

    They are All the Same Absolute GARBAGE.

    Find an audio nut near you who will help you in person.

  • marty
    Lv 7
    1 year ago

    I like Sony turntables. You can find them at Walmart around $150 or less. I have a nice one but mine is more upper end and was $479, but I'm sure the lower cost ones sound great too.

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