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What needs to be done to cure the "mental illness problem" In the United States?

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    Take away the assault rifles and the 'mentally ill' will not have the weapons. The other solution is to lock up half the population of the US who seem slightly abnormal, but that is not very practical.

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    Mental illness has always been a problem. Its just more week known and documented about today due to advancements in society allowing us to diagnose mental illness, so in all it seems as if mental illness is bigger then ever but its not.

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    People need to start trusting one another again. So many need to stop yelling racist for every little thing. That is over. We need to try to get along.. maybe go back to our religions, whatever they may be. No God taught us to hate and kill each other.

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  • Jack H
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    1 year ago

    Replace him in 2020...

  • 1 year ago

    The fish always gets rotten at the head.

  • Anonymous
    1 year ago

    By providing free therapy

    Encouraging people to talk about the issues they are facing such as depression, ADD any other types of mental health issues

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    make sure they take their medicine. and don't sell the pills for drugs

  • Anonymous
    1 year ago

    End the United States. It is a gigantic monument to inhumanity and mental derangement.


    How the United States is an immoral entity that needs to be terminated:

    - Its governments decimated the British and Scandinavian extraction demographics, the finest of nature's creations, for no logical reason (this is one of its worst offences, condemning hundreds of thousands of people to be born aesthetically lacking)

    - It is suffused with degenerate culture with no hope of recovery

    - Its fundamental identity is oriented towards openness and inclusion of outside elements (this threatens a multitude of desirable, irreplaceable and protective human and societal characteristics, enabling death and destruction)

    - Its does not assert a single culture and identity, in rigid terms (this is partly why there is the pathetic and pointless liberal and conservative divide and hostility)

    - Its governments have initiated a multitude of very legally dubious military invasions and campaigns across the world (this led to thousands of Western military personnel and at least hundreds of thousands of civilians being killed and maimed)

    - It exacerbates (in most instances) many world problems, causing massive amounts of death and destruction

    - It has a record of systematic use of torture against detainees (or "enhanced interrogation techniques", as apologists like to refer to it as)

    - It has a very deeply embedded constitutional component that enshrines very highly relaxed firearm ownership (known as the Second Amendment), for no logical reason, enabling mass violence and other serious issues

    - Its governments refuse to restrict ownership of firearms or implement adequate safeguards

    (This has enabled horrendously massive amounts of avoidable injuries, maiming and murders. Politicians in positions to resolve the issues are often under the influence of National Rifle Association (NRA) financial backing)

    - Its administrations heavily and persistently contribute to installing and/or assisting brutal regimes and other unsavoury elements in the Middle East, Central America and South America, mainly through the overthrowing of legitimate and docile governments

    (Google "US installs brutal dictators" for many articles related to the subject)

    - It never stops inflicting and advancing racial and ethnic heterogeneity on American society as a whole, which has enabled many deaths and much destruction and continues to do so

    - Its organisations have conceived violent attack plans against civilians (e.g. proposal of Operation Northwoods)

    - Its organisations constantly carry out highly invasive schemes (The Five Eyes Alliance, Room 641A, Operation Mockingbird, etc)

    - It constantly carries out sick experiments on and brutal schemes against the American population and others (Project MKUltra, Project MKOFTEN, syphillis experiments, Phoenix Programme, etc)

    Source(s): Highly incisive, very aware and very intensely strong-minded and pragmatic logician and tactician, very high-grade threat detector, nurturer of life-saving mental enhancement and developer of superior methods of societal organisation. Vehement advocate of human advancement, invulnerability and continuity / realisation of desirable and/or protective human, societal and global attributes (will viciously oppose any person or entity threatening these, without exception).
  • Anonymous
    1 year ago

    More guns.................

  • Anonymous
    1 year ago

    An NHS style health service in the usa would help

    A system funded by taxes so its free at the point of use

    Many yanks fall through the cracks cos they can't afford health insurance. Americans don't want a 'free' health care service they see it as socialism and bad so feck let their mentals keep snapping and shooting up wal mart and garlic festivals. Zero sympathy

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