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What was the importance of the Hundred Year War?

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    Defined Anglo French relations for centuries, established a wealthy nobility in both and Brexit.

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    The war. 1337 to 1453 (116 years). Dynastic struggle as to who would rule various territories in France and Scotland. The struggle was between the Valois and Plantagenet dynasties.

    A complex intermarriage of the families left it unclear as who was to rule parts of France. The war had several parts go it. This temporarily settled thing until the next generation.

    The importance was that it settled the fight that had started with the Norman conquest. And caused a long term animosity between England and France that continued until WWI. This brought Germany into to the European power struggle.

    This is the basis of the conflict. Which lasted 116 years, with brief treaties.

    Source(s): Wikipedia article.. And documentary on History Channel. As a sidebar: This was the war that had the Joan or Arc heavy trial.
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    to be king of France and England at the same time there were several lines through William 1st and Saxon heirs and the French William was only Norman not all of France

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    war is bad the world needs peace

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