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Why do people say spinosaurus is very slimly built, whilst if you look at fossil evidence it shows spinosaurus has a very wide chest?

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    I think the jury is still out. It seems many paleontologists give a theory and present it as fact but the truth is that there is a lot we are unsure of. T. rex is a good example. We have some that argue it is a fat slob that can barely walk around and we have some that suggest it is an agile and fast predator. I tend to be more in the last camp but I recognize that both are possible with the limited data. We don't have any of the soft tissue preserved but a wide chest cavity (T rex has one too) is indicative of a large heart and lungs which could possibly be present in a slim and/or a fatter animal IMO. Spinosaurus seems to share a lot of traits with crocodiles and a thinner representation may be based on that comparison with living crocs.

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    Depends on who constructed the skeleton in 3D, not all bones are necessarily correctly angled.

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    Wide chest and slim build are not mutually exclusive. Look at any of the sight-hounds. Huge chests and very thin abdomens.

  • Anonymous
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    Spinosaurus is believed to be a semi-aquatic reptile. It has a frill on its back, which is probably used as a dorsal fin to help stabilize itself when it swims. In order to swim relatively swiftly it needs to be streamlined. Compared to the shape of a turtle, which is not a fast swimmer, Spinosaurus is pretty slim. Compared to an angelfish, OTOH, it is not very slim. Everything is relative, but even an angelfish has a wider chest than its head. That is part of streamlining. If you look at an ocean liner, it is streamlined, and it is pretty narrow at the front, but much wider in the middle.

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