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Need some advice on how to best help my young cat please?

My cat is 1 year and 2 months and has had fleas and my family has been doing our absolute best to get her feeling good and being healthy but It just hasn't been working out for us. We have an older cat who s about 9 and has never gotten fleas until we got this younger cat about 10 months ago. Just recently I've found these small, yellowish, squishy bug-like things on my younger cat and a couple were on my sweater after she layed down on it. I d love to keep her but I don t want her to be uncomfortable and my family is upset after I found the bugs saying the cat is trouble and constantly has to go to the vet. I dont want to give her to someone else and have them stressed and worried as well but I d like some advice possibly. I just want to do what will be best for my cat.

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  • Anonymous
    1 year ago

    theres flea treatments you can get that u put on the back of their neck.

  • J C
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    1 year ago

    You do need to take one cat to the vet with a fresh stool sample, so that the worms can be diagnosed and an appropriate wormer given - to BOTH cats. And both cats need a monthly flea treatment - also from the vet as their products will actually work - and it needs to be given for at least 3 months in a row to break the cycle. You have fleas and worms in both cats - the cat is not "trouble" it needs treatment for the issue. Treating one does nothing - both need to be treated. Sounds like you have a case of tapeworm, and goodness knows what else. Get the cat - ideally both as the vet won't dispense worming meds for the other if they are not "current" at the vet - in to the vet with a stool sample. After BOTH are wormed, then disinfect the box the next day. Dump the litter and scrub the box with bleach. Get under the rim of the box. Rinse with a lot of clear water, dry the box and fill with fresh litter. There are worm eggs living in the litter, and they can/sill reinfect both cats.

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