What's your best guess about what's going on with my eyes? Please help me?

I was recently referred to see a retina specialist, and although I have to get further tests done, I'm really nervous about the results of my first visit. I'm a 21 year old female. I don't have a family history of Parkinson's or diabetes. I don't have high blood pressure and I wasn't born prematurely. My retinas are very very thin, I have a central visual field defect, RPE (retinal pigment epithelial) changes, and diffuse macular atrophy. I have to get tests done that include an ERG, a fluorescein angiogram, and an autofluorescence done. My doctor mentioned cone rod degeneration and seems to think it's something genetic. How worried should I really be? What does this sound like to you? I feel like I'm being dramatic, being so afraid of the results, but this doesn't sound good either. What are the possibilities I should be considering? Thanks!

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  • Vortex
    Lv 7
    1 year ago

    I have studied a lot about the retina. What you have may not have a name beyond what you have called them. I don't know of a single syndrome to cause the defects. I would suggest you get a second opinion on everything as we all know how important our eyes are. You are not being dramatic, I am worried about my eyes too. I do know a good doctor in Ophthalmologist in NJ if that is of any help. I don't know how to contact anyone on here except if they leave there email in the comment section.

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