What power amplifier is best for subwoofers?

I’m looking at powering a skar zvx v2 at or above 1500w rms, I’ve looked at the crown xls1502 and the behringer nx3000, which of these amps is better, or would there be better options for a subwoofer power amplifier?

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  • 6 months ago

    I would ask:

    Why are you trying to use a CAR subwoofer with a HOME or COMMERCIAL amplifier?

    Car speakers are designed for Small spaces such as the insides of vehicles.

    They are Not suited to the Large spaces typical of houses.

    You will be Disappointed at Best when you Finally Realize from experience

    that your pricey driver can't move enough air to do a good job.

    Any amplifier that will actually produce 1500 watts RMS

    will be as good as any other of similar capabilities.

    It will also overtax an ordinary 15 amp circuit.

    A 20 amp circuit, outlet, and plug, along with a 10 AWG cord,

    should be used for maximum energy transfer without problems.

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