Being a vet or job with animals?

I have always loved animals and recently I have been watching things about animal rescues and getting bets back to help and finding their forever home, of I wanted to get a job like that would I have be be a qualified vet ? Because my dream job is animal rescues bit I am also so squemash that I don't think I could do the operation side of things ? Could I still get into this line of work without getting into the opp side ?

2 Answers

  • 5 months ago

    How about volunteering at an animal shelter. That could also lead to fostering animals that are waiting for their forever home. Your job doesn’t have to be about working directly with animals to be doing some good.

  • Anonymous
    5 months ago

    People who work in animal rescue make minimum wage unless they are either a vet, vet tech or have a professional skill that the organization needs such as Executive Director, accountant, etc.

    You cannot be a veterinarian, veterinary assistant or veterinary technician if you are squeamish. Yes, many people do get over being squeamish.

    You may wish to consider majoring in something like public administration plus business or human resources if you want to be part of the administrative team that runs a non-profit. But if you want to be a pet adoption counselor or work the incoming desk or clean/care for the animals, you'll be making minimum wage.

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