Seems like a lot of black people are over using the word "racist".?

I had a black customer call me a racist recently because she was my last customer on my schedule. So, what's going on here?

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  • 5 months ago
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    Victim mentality. Some people are more prone to develop it than others.

  • P.L.
    Lv 6
    5 months ago

    Everyone seems to overuse the word racist these days and most don't even seem to know what it means.

  • 5 months ago

    Perhaps you are exhibiting some evidence of racism. That could result in the phenomenon you report.

  • Mr. P
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    5 months ago

    I think what is going on is the over use of the word racist.

    I had a similar problem in the UK trying to get into a club that had a polish bouncer on the door. My point was that we should be allowed in because we let him in, and we didn't know if he was going to be well behaved either.

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  • Anonymous
    5 months ago

    They're frustrated because a white man is their President and they're only 12% of the U.S. population. Also because most white people are still refusing to race mix or give up their guns.

  • Anonymous
    5 months ago

    Did a lot of Blacks call you racist or just her?

    Ah! So just her you consider a lot of Blacks and you not being there seeing what they encounter you assume they are overusing the word racist. I do watch the news and what I see is them call racist, racist. I do not live under the delusion that you do that there is no racism against Blacks nor do I assume what one person does speaks for a whole race of people or say it's a lot when it's only one.

    • Been there
      Lv 5
      5 months agoReport

      In my case, just her. Do you live under a rock? Do you watch or listen to the news?

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