Weird noise in my bedroom. Kind of sounds like a defective fan crossed with a goat bleating. What is it? Am I losing my mind?

Okay so this has been happening for about a week. It s actually happening right now. I only notice it about once or twice a day, and when it occurs it does so intermittently for about 15 minutes, in bursts of half-seconds to less than two. It speeds up in intensity quickly, and then slows down for a few seconds. At slow speeds it sounds like a broken fan. Usually it sounds like a fly buzzing right next to your ear (although this is most certainly NOT what it is). Yet, a fly s buzz would be constant, and this is more of an audibly vibrational noise. At really high speeds, in bursts of intensity, it sounds like a goat bleating in the distance. I can only hear it when it s pretty quiet (as the noise itself is no louder than the sound of heavy breathing), but when I can hear it I can hear it from everywhere in my room. However, it feels like it is coming from an area near the window. I check the corner by the window above the trash can: nothing. I check my guitar amps under the window for some kind of electrical problem: nothing. I check my vent in the floor by opening and closing it: nothing. My window has a screen on the outside, is very old and hard to open and close, and outside of it are bushes that surround my house. Don t know how that s relevant, but maybe it s some species of annoying insect nesting outside. Could it be coming from something inside the roof? What could it be? Someone please help me. It is starting to feel like it s laughing at me...


It sounds like bees in the wall. I just showed the noise to my dad and that's what he thinks...

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  • 5 months ago
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    If you have a desktop or laptop computer in the room, one of the fans could be rubbing against a cable or other object. That would be my guess. Alternatively, you might check the screen in your window frame. It could be fluttering a bit from the wind, and buzzing against the frame. This would only occur when there's a fair amount of wind, so are there nights when this doesn't happen? Is it possible that a tree branch or shrub is raking against the screen and causing the sound?

    • Harris5 months agoReport

      Bushes are too low to scrape the window, but it could be the frame buzzing. There are nights when it doesn't happen. That said, the frame is in there pretty tight.

  • 5 months ago

    A piece of scotch tape on the wall by the window opening sounds like this with a breeze.

  • 5 months ago

    It's either the bearing in your air conditioner blower going bad or the fan that's inside the freezer in your refrigerator going bad when it goes bad it will make some very strange and annoying noises

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    5 months ago

    its most definitly coming from the ac unit or the furnace

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  • 5 months ago

    Don't worry about it....... it's simply a Bedroom Goat. They're rare, but there's obviously one living in your wall spaces. They're harmless unless provoked, so I'd just leave it alone. My advice is to just leave it there till it dies, then burn out the festering corpse with some petrol and a match. Hope this helped.

  • Anonymous
    5 months ago

    furnace OR air conditioner ??? the 'goat bleating' COULD be a slipping fan belt ???

    • Harris5 months agoReport

      Thanks, but our AC doesn't have a belt. I really don't think it's a furnace noise, either.

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