What most employers say or do to fire their employees from job?

I only got fired once for no calls no show up, but they did it through phone call. What they did is tell me to call first before go to job. When I made a phone call, it was assist manager that told me their boss say I am terminate.

Now question is what do most boss or supervisor or human resources or personnel say to their employee to fire them?

I mean don't they have to be careful what to say just in case if employees have hidden tape recorders?

Or say this in polite way to trying keep everything calm? You know don't want cause violence between coworkers?

Or most company gonna say we mail you information so don't come to work until you get mail? So it gonna say I am fired from mail without causing anger between people?

It would be interesting to see how employers answering the person they firing if this person ask if they gonna get unemployment benefits even if they shouldn't but don't want to say no to create arguement and violence at workplace.

Or maybe they yell at worker and say get out now, you are fire so get out of here now or we call police to arrest you if you don't leave and not ever come back again?

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  • KaleyK
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    12 months ago
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    I work in HR and this is how we do it .... "John Smith, we are ending our employment relationship with you, effective immediately". An HR representative will escort Mr. Smith to accumulate his personal belongings and walk him to his car. A security officer can assist if we think it is necessary (rare). It's a very vanilla transaction. We do not provide a reason unless we have a thoroughly documented violation. There are discussions about COBRA and other legal necessaries. If Mr. Smith asks about unemployment ...... "Unemployment compensation is determined by the State Employment Department. We, as your former employer, did not get to make that decision". We did have a terminated employee one time that refused to leave the premises. We offered to have a Sheriff Deputy escort him off the premises. He decided to leave on his own.

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    • KaleyK
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      12 months agoReport

      Obviously we would not put someone in danger. In the event they needed transportation or protection from weather we would likely provide that. At the point of termination, the organization is finished investing in the individual, but a few more dollars for a clean separation is money well-spent.

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  • 12 months ago

    There is no common script for firing someone but this is all irrelavant. You now need another job and need to focus all efforts on that and forget about the last job, it is history.

    • Greedy12 months agoReport

      But history never erased, stay there and will following you around

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