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I got a radio station from Kentucky and Colorado in central IL the other day on a clear day. How is this possible?


The station I got was FM, not AM, if that makes any difference. I will start listening to AM though to see what I get as my car has very good reception.

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    Simple radio waves bounce off upper levels of the atmosphere. It really does not matter the sky conditions where you are but more the conditions near the source and between you and the source.

    This is called the skip. More prevalent during cloudy weather and at night.

    You may not hear it everyday. or need to move a few miles to hear it.

    It is a little like skipping a rock on water every time you toss the rock it does not land at exactly the same place.

    Explore a little more on your radio dial and you can get Canadian stations also. Much easier in the WEST as less stations drown out the weak distant signals.

    Having a good antenna helps.

    On road trips my car radio picked up stations from thousands of miles away usually only at night.

    KDFD 760 kHz Thornton, Colorado

    KLTT 670 kHz Commerce City, Colorado

    KMXA 1090 kHz Aurora, Colorado

    KNZZ 1100 kHz Grand Junction, Colorado

    KOA 850 kHz Denver, Colorado

    KRCN 1060 kHz Longmont, Colorado

    WHAS 840 kHz Louisville, Kentucky

    Some days you just get better reception than others. It is not the surface clouds but the clouds and weather at 50,0000 feet up that reflect the waves back down to the surface.

    Have some fun as you explore the radio dial in your area. What you can pick up is just different day to day.and does depend on the weather for thousands of miles not just the wee bit directly above you.

    For skip purposes AM goes further than FM and the spaces between bounces are also further apart.

    NEW car radios do not seem as good as the old ones the older ones are not as discreet and precise in their electronic innards for the newer digital signals.

  • Greg
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    5 months ago

    With AM it is easily possible, with FM it is still possible. Radio waves bounce off of the surface of the Earth and the Ionosphere. I used to listen to U.S. AM stations from Europe.

  • Darren
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    5 months ago

    Under certain weather conditions, radio waves from AM stations can travel though different states. There is an AM station in New Orleans that you may be able to pick up as well.

  • Anonymous
    5 months ago

    Weather conditions same thing with cb radio skip.

    If it is AM it is possible to get stations from Afar off

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