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What is this called? Is this intelligence?

If a person reaches in life by approaching the right people and by Using charm (without doing anything inappropriate or sexual) rather than working hard? Be nice to those of benefit and dismissive/silent to anybody else. Use every opportunity to the max. Only accept what you think is you deserve and decline what is less. Be vocal about everything u do even if very small and hardly vocal on receiving good from any. Not lie but hide facts if saying it ll stand against what you want to achieve. Always act like you are weak and need help and Call everything and everybody who doesnt help you to reach what u want an unfair and a deceiver and deserve to be harmed. Bear as diffucult a situation is as long as there is benefit (material or position) at the end.

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    Covert narzizzizm, zome?

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    7 months ago

    you started describing one kind of person but ended on one is so evil that they are super nice...maybe a few psychos are...

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    7 months ago

    It's called being a fool.

    Just use people for what you want to.

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