Using Elijah Cummings' "litmus test" should children be proud of Bill Clinton lying under oath about his affair(s)?


According to Cummings, “the president has to set the tone.”

“He needs to be a role model,” Cummings told Stephanopoulos. “I would say to the president right now ... Mr. President, we want you to be a role model. We want somebody in that White House who our children can be proud of, who our children can emulate, who our children will look up to, and that is not the kind of example that you are setting. And I’m telling you, Mr. President, you and we, our nation is better than that.”

(wouldn't it be fair to concede that the office of the presidency should be better than lying under oath to cover an affair as well as 3 out of court settlements with his rape victims and two without refuting as well. perhaps Mr. Cummings just ….."forgot"...… that).

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  • Jas B
    Lv 7
    1 year ago

    So in your mind although the current president lies almost daily, about everything from his sexual encounters to what he said the day before, this is OK because a previous president lied about his sexual affairs.

    Of course Mr Cummings has not forgotten about Clinton, however he is investigating the current administration, why you think that it is relevant to this investigation what Clinton did more than 18 years ago is beyond me.

    Although the result of Clinton telling these lies was an impeachment hearing, so obviously you must agree that it is only fair if Trump is also subject to an impeachment hearing.

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