Hackintosh on a real macbook ?

So the situation is this,

I bought an old macbook with the intention of installing at least OSX 10.11 or later so i could use it as a simple music production laptop. I do have a really good desktop pc but the laptop was a good deal and i have nothing against macs or a bargain.

The problem lies with the laptop its self. The laptop is a 2007 Macbook A1181 White with a core 2 duo and 3 gigs of ram (perfect for a low requirement DAW like fruity loops), i upgraded it from lion to snow leopard for a while and used it as is before continuing with my plan, however i i hit a road block.

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  • Lv 7
    1 year ago

    sorry, but i think you don't understand how Apple OSes work.

    they require very specific hardware to function at all. they were manufactured by Apple for hardware chosen by Apple to do what that hardware can do. if you try to put it on a device not supported by it (not containing the correct hardware) it will fail.

    in this case, the newer OSes do not support your older Core 2 Duo CPU. it cannot do what the OS requires, which is why it will not install...

  • Anonymous
    1 year ago

    You need to ask a question, or don't bother posting.

    Not allowed. Post a question where it belongs, otherwise you are reported, blocked, and not getting help. "Buddy".

  • 1 year ago

    The laptop wont go past snow leopard and i'm stuck...

    I managed to use macpostfactor to get it to mountain lion 10.8.5 but anything past that and it rejects the install.

    I then thought i could wipe the hard drive, put windows 10 on the drive with a fresh install and the create a mac partition, effectively creating a hackintosh on a mac ?

    I successfully installed windows 10 on the mac no problem, everything worked great, so i wiped it again to do a fresh install. But between me wiping the drive and getting round to installing everything again i lost the usb drive with windows 10 on it and i dont have a back up usb drive.

    So my question is this,

    Can i install either OSX 10.11 or higher natively without windows ?


    Can i indeed install windows and then partition the drive to have a mac partition that is 10.11 or higher ?

    Would also like to know if i could do either of these without a usb ? Its not a huge deal to buy a new one i would just rather not if i could save the cash.

    I do have 2 extra laptop hard drives which i can format using sata leads from my main pc and i also have a lacie 500 gig usb hard drive.

    I know its a weird question and complicated for the sake of being complicated but if you know the answer, chances are you are like me and thats just your style!

    Thanks in advance everyone!

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