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Why aren't Russian women fighting against patriarchy?

Russia is damn sexist society which is still stuck in past. Patriarchy is strongest in Russia and even worse than Middle east, Africa and South Asia. Don't say "Why aren't you complaining about African, Middle East and South Asian women". Because everywhere women are fighting and protesting, but Russian women are accepting the injustice and the sense of being treated like sex objects. No fight from Russian women against sexism, why?

In Russia, 457 jobs are prohibited for women. That's shameful and women there are silent! Even if they work, they are paid only 57 percent of the men's salary

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    Why aren't leftists fighting against patriarchy in black African and brown Muslim countries? Why are so called feminists defending misogynistic religions like Islam? It's almost like non-whites and leftists want brown male supremacy to become the norm worldwide.

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    5 months ago

    What do you think "FEMEN" and "***** riot" are?

    • Zirp
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      ***** is pronounced poossy

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