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dog turning aggressive or less playful?

I have a lhasa poodle mix who’s around 2 and a black lab who’s barely one year old. they used to like playing and rolling around together. but in the last couple weeks my lhasa mix has been getting into fights instead of wanting to play with the younger dogs. what could be wrong? hes been fixed and hes never been aggressive like this to any of our dogs. could he just be older and less tolerant of playing?

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    Either Verulam or Jo could be correct. The smaller and now aggressive dog could be INJURED; so see the vet to rule that out. It is NEVER advised to have or own two dogs that are more than 25 lbs apart in weight due to the HIGH LIKELIHOOD of injury - to the smaller dog during play.

    Secondly, he may INDEED be objecting to loosing his place in the pack hierarchy of the household, as the Lab matures and takes over. That is not something you can interfere with or fix, other than to prevent a bad fight from breaking out - since YOU (NOT they) should be IN CHARGE of the home (at all times).

    Hard play may no longer BE appropriate, either due to fights or due to the likelihood of injury. MAKE IT => SO! If either or both dogs have not had obedience training, get them in classes, so you gain some control.

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    Hes probably tired of being pestered. Are you sure the lab isnt being pushy?

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    Get your dog to your vet for an examination. Chances are the dog has pain somewhere and is reacting because of it.

  • Jojo
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    The Lab may be starting to assert more authority as he is maturing, and the Mixed breed dog is wanting to retain his position as the higher ranking dog and is trying to keep it by being aggressive to the up and coming challenger in the hope of putting him in his place (so to speak). Hence the fights.

    This is just a guess as I know nothing about your dogs and their temperaments.

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  • patty
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    have u given him basic training? that can calm a dog down. if he is trained and starts to muck up u can give him a command.also he may be jelous of the other dogs, do u give him enough attention

  • Anonymous
    5 months ago

    It’s likely a territorial thing. Give him an RKO.

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